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CreateSpace pluses seem to outweigh the minuses

I first heard about CreateSpace about 3 years ago from a very savvy Web marketer friend. Acquired by Amazon.com in 2005, the company (formerly CustomFlix) was at the time an  on-demand DVD distributor. Since then, CreateSpace has expanded to become highly competitive in the production of on-demand books, CDs, and video.

Having had two clients who published back-to-back books, one through Lightning Source and the other through CreateSpace, I was sorely disappointed with the quality of the Lightning Source book and pleasantly surprised that CreateSpace exceeded all my expectations. I have subsequently listed my own title through them, and things seem to be going quite well.

A couple weeks ago, Marcie began a series called “5 easy ways to give away FREE SAMPLES of your writing” one of those ways was taking advantage of the general tools offered by Amazon. As an Amazon company, it’s no surprise that CreateSpace also offers lots of useful tools for its authors. After its core POD service and access to distribution channels, perhaps its greatest asset is the CreateSpace Community, which offers lots of help for authors from both staff and other authors. The sheer numbers participating on the discussion streams indicates a lot of activity taking place here.

On the other hand, if a CreateSpace rep tries to sell you on their marketing tools, RUN!!! The CreateSpace marketing options are largely a scam, nothing more than a money-making machine for the company that will cost you as much as 20 TIMES MORE than you could be paying for the exact same products/services elsewhere.

Click twice (slowly – not a double click) on this image to enlarge.

So, on the whole, CreateSpace’s author services get a thumbs-up, while their marketing tools get a big raspberry and a giant thumbs-down.

While I never recommend that you shop solely on price, when it comes to spending money to get your book written, published, printed, and into the marketplace, be a truly Savvy Book Marketer and remember to do your research! These are some of the players you may need on your team, so do a good scouting job!

  • Editor
  • Book designer
  • Typesetter
  • Proofreader
  • Printer
  • Distributor
  • Social media strategist
  • Book trailer expert
  • Web designer
  • Print collateral (bookmarks, postcards, etc.)

Get references, compare notes, and make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Happy marketing…



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