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Linen Laid & Felt — Utterly GORGEOUS Handmade Books

If you are a bibliophile who loves the physicality of books … their texture, weight, covers, smell, artistry, design … you MUST visit Linen Laid & Felt, a site hosted by handmade book artist, Katie Gonzalez. She describes herself this way:

I’m a cardigan-wearing bookbinder living and working in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband and my dog. I studied the art of bookmaking in Cortona, Italy during the summer of 2006. My work channels traditional techniques into bright, contemporary books that emphasize textures, colors, and patterns. Archival materials make these books — whether journals, photo albums, guest books, or sculptural expressions — into long-lasting works of art. I want to share my works in progress and the photography, sewing, printmaking, and other arts that inspire me.

This site is luscious and rich, even if you’re  not that into the whole bookbinding process. Take a look, and let Katie know if you like her stuff!

Happy page-turning!



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