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A Savvy Book Marketer embraces the idea of giving freely.

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We talked last time about having an attitude of gratitude. One group to whom you own an immense debt of gratitude is your readers – the people who buy your book, review your book, recommend your book, and eagerly await your next book. If you’re marketing your first book, you’re in the process of growing this group.

A quick, easy way to say, “Thanks for taking an interest,” is by giving away excerpts, sample chapters, and stories.

This act of generosity does several things for you:

  • Gives readers who don’t know you a chance to get to read your work for the first time.
  • Gives readers a chance to offer feedback – which you may or may not find helpful.
  • Lets you know if your message/story is resonating with your target market.

Some people have a hesitation to give away their work in advance of publishing it, out of fear that people won’t want it if they can get it for free. If that’s you, I encourage you to think differently about giving people free access to your work.

  1. It’s a lack mentality (aka poverty mindset) that says, “By GIVING you something, I LOSE something. It may be counterintuitive, but that’s honestly the surest way to keep your sales and success small.
  2. Although many people have published the entire contents of their book in a serial format on a blog or other writing platform before they successfully sold it in book form, I’m not actually suggesting you give away the whole book – just a healthy sample.
  3. HOWEVER, giving away the whole thing first CAN work. Master marketer Seth Godin is rumored to have given away 5 MILLION copies of his famous book, Unleashing the Idea Virus, before he sold one. Now, you have to buy it if you want it, and his “free giveaway” put him on the map as one of the world’s top marketers.
  4. The same Seth Godin has said that if you want your book to take off, you’ve got to give away at least 5,000 copies first.

Gone are the days when all you had to do was tell someone about your book to generate interest. Now, you must first create a relationship with them; then you must distinguish yourself from a crowded field. What’s the quickest way to do that? Give your writing away for free. We can’t just go about pushing our books at people anymore; we’ve got to interest them, court them – seduce them, if you will. Only then will they feel they know you well enough to plunk down their money for your book.

Embrace giving – it works!

See you Monday, when we’re going to preview 4 smart ways to embrace giving!



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