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Every Savvy Book Marketer has an attitude of GRATITUDE.

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You’ve had the weekend to mull it over, so I hope you’ve been giving some thought to how to make your book (or your book marketing campaign) remarkable.

One of the fastest ways to become remarkable is by adopting a daily practice of gratitude. You may be wondering what in the world gratitude has to do with book marketing – or you may  be thinking, “Tell me something I don’t already know!”

A number of years ago, I was at a business development meeting when I was quite surprised to hear a man I knew to be a fairly well-established business coach share with the group a “new discovery.” He stood up and told us how he had recently come to learn about the power of gratitude … and that he planned to begin implementing it as part of his daily routine. I remember thinking, “Really??! You’re 60-something and you’re just figuring that out now?” Later, as the movie The Secret began to take the world by storm, it became clear that this was actually a new concept for a lot of people.

Why is gratitude important, particularly to a successful book-marketing campaign? According to an article by Kevin Eikenberry on SuccessConsciousness.com, gratitude (1) attracts more of what we want, (2) improves relationships, (3) reduces negativity, (4) improves problem-solving skills, and (5) helps us learn.

Let’s break those items down, as they relate to selling books.

  1. What do we want? To sell more books.
  2. How do improved relationships help us sell more books? The stronger your relationships with your readers, the more they will want to buy your books AND tell others about you.
  3. Why do we want to reduce negativity? A book marketing campaign can be stressful; sometimes we’ll meet people who are not supportive. Gratitude helps us stay positive even when our progress is slower than we might like.
  4. What kinds of problems do we need to solve? Everything related to getting our book to market!
  5. Why is it important to keep learning? Even if you’re about to market your 20th book, there are always new tips, tools, and techniques to learn, embrace, and implement.

Whom should you thank? Only you can answer that – you might start with a list of people who helped you create your book and get where you are today. Go back as far as you feel appropriate … maybe even to your junior high creative writing teacher!

The traditional way an author thanks people is on the Acknowledgements page of their book. While that’s very nice and very formal, I’m suggesting something much more personal here. A phone call, an e-mail, a handwritten note, a mention in your blog, a Twitter or Facebook shout-out, a gift certificate to their favorite coffeehouse, an invitation to lunch, a gift basket… You get to decide. You needn’t break the bank to do this – just get creative. What would this individual really appreciate as a thank-you gesture?

Thank at least one person every day and watch your marketing campaign blossom!

See you Thursday!



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