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Author Amara Charles capitalizes on 2 innovative opportunities – and you can, too!

Outside the box. Creative. Innovative. Whichever word you use, when it comes to marketing, if you’re doing something new and different, you’re probably reaching a new segment of your market. The way to do this? Always be on the lookout for new opportunities.

One of the few PG13 pics we could show from Amara's Ignite Phoenix After Hours presentation!

My client, Amara Charles, is the author of the lovely forthcoming book on sacred sexuality, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. In advance of the book’s September 27 release, we took advantage of a couple of great opportunities this past week. The first is an event known as Ignite Phoenix After Hours. The format is a group of presenters, each giving a different 5-minute talk accompanied by 20 PPT slides, each slide timed for exactly 15 seconds. The after-hours nature of this 21-and-over show made it the perfect vehicle for Amara to share her content with a new audience, so I submitted her pitch (Sexual Anatomy Types: Are You a Pit Bull Man or Antelope Woman?) with a great description, and she was selected as one of the 14 presenters! It was a hoot!

Then, we thought we should make the most of this opportunity to promote both the Ignite Phoenix After Hours event and Amara’s book … so the day before Ignite Phoenix, we scheduled a Facebook Author Discussion with Amara. In just 2 days’ time, we had more than 30 people indicate an interest, and on the day of the chat, we had about a dozen folks “listening” in, with a handful who were brave enough to submit questions.

Below is a brief excerpt from the Facebook chat:

AMARA:   Okay, the word Quodoushka (kwuh-DOE-shka) means the coming together of two energies, in such a way that the energy created is more than the sum of the two parts.

LAURA:    I think we’ve all heard that before – the sum of the parts is greater than the individual components…

AMARA:   I wrote the book after sharing these amazing teachings for over twenty years around the world. I have seen these amazing teachings transform the intimate lives of so many people around the world.

LAURA:    Amara – what is the biggest gift people receive when they learn these teachings?

AMARA:   Well, one of the biggest gifts is that people get to experience and truly feel that their sexuality is healthy, natural and good. They reconnect with their sexiness on a deep level and realize we can indeed learn through pleasure!

LAURA:    Awesome! So tomorrow night, you’re doing something unusual – giving a slide show presentation as part of Ignite Phoenix After Hours. What will you be sharing with the crowd at Axis Radius?

AMARA:   Yes, I am presenting on Sexual Anatomy Types: Are You a Pit Bull Man or Antelope Woman?

LAURA:    And if anyone’s still interested in tickets – you can try Twitter. Use the hashtag #ipah. I saw several people with extra tickets this morning…

LAURA:    OK, let’s open things up to the audience for their questions.

SHYENA:  How does looking at what created me (my sexuality) help me deal with emotionally turbulent relationships?

AMARA:   In answer to Shyena’s question: When we get back in touch with what created us, our sexual soul force energy, it brings us face to face with the most powerful energy in the world. When we feel that our sexual energy is natural, and we understand how to use it in beauty, then our relationships become more intimate, more tender and way more passionate.

LAURA:    That’s very powerful – very primal. What an amazing concept, that our sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the world! Makes you wonder why we’re so often taught to run from it or hide it or find shame in it.

Now is Ignite Phoenix built as a platform for promoting a book? Of course not! The goal is to create a dynamic presentation on a topic you’re passionate about. Is Amara passionate about the 9 different female and male anatomy types? You bet! Did she give an outrageous presentation that had even the ladies serving the pizza stopping to watch? She did! Did it serve to help get the word out about her new book? Absolutely!

Here’s your takeaway from our experience: be on the lookout for interesting, appropriate new ways to market YOUR book. One of my Facebook author friends recently did a book signing at a hair salon in Phoenix, because her book is a murder mystery set in a hair salon! Where can you go? Whom can you approach? Which venues will allow you to give presentations and signings and workshops?

Put on your book marketing hat and get creative!



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Please email Amara if you’d like more information about her book launch or a copy of the full Facebook Author Chat transcription. Also SAVE THE DATE of September 27 for the Virtual Launch Party. Register here.


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