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Marcie’s creator is a radio star!

OK, so the picture’s a little misleading. It wasn’t Marcie who was on the radio, but me, Laura … Marcie’s creator and alter ego. Still, it’s always fun to play with Marcie’s image and have her do interesting things. Did you see her holding the flag for the Fourth of July?

It’s true, though we were on the radio back on June 25! I was a guest on Susan Stalteri’s show, My Money Place, along with the renowned Susan Ratliff, Exhibit Expert and published author.


The conversation revolved around the topic of using a book to increase business and make money. Here’s the blurb from the show’s site:

Did you ever wonder if you could write a book? Do you have ideas just jotted down somewhere but yet nothing ever comes of them because you don’t think you can do it or you don’t think it will produce anything? Or even better, do you wonder how to get started, what does it cost and can I make money? Listen in as I talk with Laura Orsini, editorial, marketing, and design consultant who works primarily with socially conscious speakers, coaches, and authors interested in self-publishing their books  and Susan Ratliff who has written books, ran a book distributorship, created a lucrative speaking and training company and so much more to get some of your questions answered, learn a few tricks to the process and pick up a few resources that can get you on the right track. Go after your writing dream and learn how a book can help you can make money!


Would love your feedback, so please feel free to listen to the interview and then post your comments below!



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