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Are you emphasizing the SOCIAL in social networking?

Social media is content that is created by the users, from music to videos to copy and more. Social networks are the vehicles through which we share much of that content. I find that while many people have heard how important social media is as a marketing tool, an overwhelming number seem to forget that all the emphasis belongs on the word SOCIAL.

A helpful reminder may be to recall how we conduct ourselves in face-to-face networking scenarios. How gung ho are you to “do business” with a person whose only real specialty is the Business Card Shuffle? Probably not very, if you’re like most people. So why, then, do so many of us have a tendency to revert to that obnoxious sort of behavior online? How is it that we so often forget our first priority in social networking: being SOCIAL? Our goal, first and foremost, is to initiate, enhance, and preserve relationships.

I came across a fantastic post this morning by Srini Rao about a terrific success he had with actual real-life relationship marketing. As always, I encourage you to absorb the content and look for ways Srini’s success might be applicable to your book marketing endeavors.

Wishing you good relationships and abundant business!



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