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“What gets MEASURED gets done” when it comes to book marketing.

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If you have ever read a pile of résumés – or perhaps applied for a job – you’ve likely seen or used the term “self starter.” While it didn’t make LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most Overused Résumé Phrases or CareerBuilder’s list of Overused Résumé Words, it’s up there, as far as overused terms that generally don’t mean much. Except when it comes to a project like marketing your book.

Hands down, EVERY SBM*
must be a SELF-STARTER.

What is a self-starter? According to thefreedictionary.com, a self-starter is “One who displays an unusual amount of initiative.” So you can no doubt see why this is a very good trait for a Savvy Book Marketer!

The challenge most independently published authors face is the fact that there are no hard external deadlines there’s no one else putting pressure on you to get it done. When you have a publishing company waiting for your head shot or a PR firm waiting for content for a media release, there’s external pressure to get those things done. Unfortunately for most of us, human nature requires that sort of external pressure. We tend to make ourselves accountable to others in a way that we won’t be on our own.

This is where the discipline of a self-starter comes in VERY handy. If you want to launch a successful book marketing campaign, you must create hard deadlines for yourself and live up to them. Start by making appointments in your calendar, and KEEPING THEM! Treat yourself as you would a client (or your boss). You wouldn’t cancel at the last minute or constantly reschedule, would you? Not if you wanted to stay in business (or keep your job). Well, if your book is important, treat it that way!

If this still seems a bit out of reach, perhaps you can enlist someone to be your accountability partner. As Tom Peters is so fond of saying, what gets measured gets done. You’re far more likely to meet an impending deadline if it is on your calendar for this afternoon than you are by simply keeping a checklist in your head and “hoping you have time” to get to it today. Your book’s success depends on YOU!

See you Monday!


*Savvy Book Marketer


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