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10 Independence Day book marketing tips for independently publishing authors

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Happy 4th of July weekend! Here’s a special gift for all of our SBMs* – an extremely rare Saturday post, in honor of the big holiday weekend. This is a list of 10 book marketing tips directly related to the 4th of July holiday. I realize that many of these are probably arriving too late for you to implement this holiday, but there are still two things you can do with them: (1) keep them on hand for next year, and (2) decide NOW what you can apply to the NEXT HOLIDAY … the next major one being Halloween, a full four months from now.

This list is a radical departure from the norm for this blog, where we’ve been examining one tip per post in depth. Our plan is to walk you through every facet of a crafting a successful book marketing campaign from scratch. So if you go back to the first post and read in order, you’ll notice a logical progression. Nevertheless, each post also stands on its own.

Certain tips on this list will receive expansion in future posts – but some are pretty self-explanatory. Remember, the ideas here are just suggestions. The goal is to have you try them out and see what works. Even better, though, would be to use this list as a jumping off point, getting really creative and coming up with your own unique book marketing strategies!

Have a wonderful July 4th holiday!

  1. Get out that digital camera for your own holiday celebration. Your readers want to CONNECT with you. You don’t have to take them on a detailed tour of your home or interview every relative at the family picnic … but giving them a glimpse of your life so they can feel closer to you will go a long way toward building rapport and a lifelong fan.
  2. Purchase or dust off your banner, head to the dollar store for an Uncle Sam hat, and get yourself a spot in your local Independence Day parade. If vendor booths are available, you’ll probably be the only author there!
  3. Host your own Independence Day event. Sponsor a pancake breakfast at a local restaurant or do a holiday book signing at the flag shop.
  4. Drape your car with red,white, and blue bunting and a big sign with your book title and Web site on it. Don’t be afraid to BE memorable!
  5. Make sure to carry business cards and/or postcards with you at all times so that you can hand them out when you meet new people or leave them behind at coffeehouses and shops that allow it.
  6. Give away free flags at your book signings. This tip doesn’t have to be limited to July 4th. Find flags for all the holidays – or for whatever the theme of your book is. Put your Web site on it somewhere, so it serves as an ongoing reminder of how to find you.
  7. Use www.GotPrint.com to send holiday postcards to those on your list for whom you have mailing addresses. Don’t have many mailing addresses? We’ll talk in a future post about ways to gather those little pieces of gold.
  8. Use your blog or social media sites to give away a couple free copies of your book to celebrate the holiday. Throw in a couple 4th of July bookmarks with your Web site and contact info.
  9. Write an article for your community newspaper, tying your book to local Independence Day traditions. You may have put on your creative thinking cap, but as an SBM, I know you can do it! (Note – most small monthly papers have about a 2-month lead time, meaning that’s how far in advance of publishing they need to receive the article.)
  10. The 4th of July is all about picnics and comfort food. Come up with a dozen of your favorite recipes (if they’re related to your book, all the better) and put together a little pamphlet or eBook to give away for free via your Web site, blog, or social media platforms. Write a media release about the recipe book giveaway.

See you Monday!


*Savvy Book Marketer


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