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AWESOME advice: Take the path of MOST resistance

OK — we’ve been talking most recently about choosing one book marketing strategy and just beginning somewhere. I stand by that. Seriously you just need to get started. If that means starting with the low-hanging fruit (the easiest-to-implement strategy), do it. Just get going.

But later, there will be other choices. And that’s where this advice comes in. Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine, advocates the following in a recent post:

How do I know what the right choices are? Here’s a simple formula: When in doubt, just do what you don’t want to do—that’s usually exactly what you should do. Take the path of MOST resistance.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you should know what’s coming next.

Here’s the challenge:

Make a commitment that one day this week (and why not today?) you will follow the resistance. Do the hard thing, the challenging thing, the thing you most want to avoid. Then, come back and tell us about it. How did it feel to make the commitment? How did you get yourself to do it? How did you feel afterward? My guess is that Darren didn’t get to be the publisher of Success magazine for no reason.

Let’s share our successes!



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