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Marcie Brock and Madonna, comic contemporaries

Marcie Brock is about to be joined by very regal company. Galleycat announced in a June 24, 2011 post that Madonna is about to become a comic book star.

I remember it because it was the summer I met my best friend, Jane. Like a Virgin was released when I was 14, and the then unknown 19-year-old Madonna, seemingly of endless arrogance, declared she would one day be the biggest pop star in the world. At the time, I had no use for her music, and as her fame grew, I thought she was just a trashy sellout. How the years and a little perspective can change one’s POV.

Now I’m not saying I’d like to hang out with her, but I soooooo admire what Madonna not only declared, but accomplished. I don’t give a rat’s ass how she did it she set a BIG fat hairy goal (also known as a BHAG), and then went out and accomplished it. I immensely admire her chutzpah, so  much so that she’s in my Success Book as one woman’s success I’d like to model.

Bluewater Productions, creator of the new Madonna comic, also features Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and JK Rowling in its Female Force series other women who appear in my Succes Book. 

If YOU want to accomplish something huge, set a big goal, tell people, and then take all the baby steps necessary to get there!



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