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Interested or COMMITTED – what’s the difference when it comes to book marketing?

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Good morning, SBM’s and SBM’s-in-training!* I want to begin with a little question today:

Are you interested in marketing your books,
or are you committed to marketing your books?

As my friend Karen Gridley, the Excuse Removal Expert, says, there is a HUGE difference between being interested (“Yeah, I might pursue that if nothing more intriguing crosses my path in the meantime”) and committed (“I will do WHATEVER it takes to accomplish this goal.”)

Book marketing is not rocket science yes, that old cliche. But the words really apply here, in that marketing your book is neither terribly complicated nor difficult. It doesn’t even necessarily require a huge budget. The thing about book marketing the process of getting your books in front of readers who will buy them is that it does require creativity, strategy, and a significant commitment of time and energy.

The sooner you get started, the more effective you will be. Whether your book is still on post-it notes all over your dining room table or rolling off the presses tomorrow, NOW is the time to start forming your marketing plan and building your platform.

Are you simply interested in marketing your books, or are you truly committed to getting them into the hands of readers who will like them, recommend them, and anxiously await your next release? Only YOU can decide…

See you Monday!


*Savvy Book Marketer


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