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RELATIONSHIP marketing is the only way to SELL something personal like a book.

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I can hear the cries already: “Marcie, you’re schizophrenic. One day you tell us marketing is all about the RELATIONSHIP; the next day you tell us it’s about SELLING BOOKS. What, exactly are you trying to teach us here?”

The answer  is: BOTH of these things! Relationship marketing is the best way to sell anything, especially something personal like a book. Don’t think a book is personal? Think again. It’s one of the most personal products in the world, because in most cases, a single person created it. Not a business. Not a larger corporation or massive entity. One person, who is probably a lot like his or her potential readers.

Marketing can be defined as the process of introducing and interesting potential buyers in your products or services. So, Savvy Book Marketing is the process of introducing YOUR BOOK to your clearly defined TARGET  audience (i.e., people who want to BUY and READ your book).

We talked last time about how companies used to use advertising as their key means of launching a product. Companies used to rely almost exclusively on a sales strategy to create demand for their products whereby they essentially chased customers, “pushing” their products/services at prospective buyers. Relationship marketing has turned that old style of selling on its ugly little head.

Today, the kind of selling that works best is “pull marketing,” campaigns that draw buyers (a.k.a. readers) to you by engaging them, getting to know them, creating RELATIONSHIPS with them. However, once you engage and connect with them, your goal is still to SELL your book to them.

We’ve been hammering this point for a while now, so here’s a little homework assignment for you. Answer the following question:

Who is YOUR ideal reader, and what are you doing
to connect and create relationships with them?

If you’re feeling bold, share your comments below. (As an SBM* or an SBM-in-Training, I sure hope you’re getting bolder!) This isn’t all about me lecturing you. I know we’ve got some very Savvy Book Marketers* out there with great ideas we can all learn from.

See you Thursday!



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