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You’ve got to develop a thick skin if you’re going to get SERIOUS about SELLING books.

You've got to develop a THICK SKIN if you're going to take this SELLING thing seriously(Please click on image to enlarge.)

OK, so you’ve been listening and paying attention to our little blog. You’re even starting to enjoy wearing your SBM Hat*. Unfortunately, I’ve got to throw just a little cold water on you right now, before we take another step forward. I’ve got some news that may hurt, so I want you to hear it from me first: Not everybody is going to like your book. I’m sorry to be the bearer of such dastardly news – but that’s just a fact.

HOWEVER, the point I want you to take from this is that it’s best to get used to that idea NOW, and move on, rather than have it punch you in the gut later.

This situation reminds me of a conversation I once had with a friend who was startled because someone in her office did not get along with her. “But everybody likes me,” she wailed. It seemed strange for a woman in her late 20s to be coming to the realization that, in fact, everyone did NOT like her. The same is true for your writing. The cold, hard fact is that no matter how good your book is, there will be someone who doesn’t like it. It may truly be the World’s Best Book, but still there will be people out there who simply do not care for it.

Writing is an art, a passion, a devotion – and to do it well, the writer exposes a piece of her soul. She puts her thoughts, ideas, creations into words and onto paper … and if she means it to have impact beyond her own personal catharsis, she will release her creation for the world to see. And comment upon. Putting your writing out there exposes you to the reaction of your readers, both positive, and not so positive.

If you’re going to sell this book, though, you’ve got to put aside the detractors, find the people who love and support your work, and cultivate them. Avoid getting hung up on the one reviewer who didn’t like your book, focusing instead on building your platform with readers who are clamoring for more.

See you Monday!


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