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If you REALLY want to sell books, you’ve got to start thinking like a marketer.

If you want to sell books, you must learn to THINK like a MARKETER.
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Now, before you read the title of this post and start protesting that this blog isn’t going anywhere, let me reassure you that it is and that I know and respect how smart you are. However, I also know how imperative it is that you grasp one essential concept: you MUST learn to think like a marketer if you want to sell books. Period. So you’ll keep hearing it again and again on this blog, if only as a reminder.

Like other artists, many writers live for their craft but recoil at the thought of marketing their work. “I’m an author, not a SALESperson!” they exclaim. However, unless you want you and your mom to be the only ones who buy your book, it’s essential that you learn to think like a marketer. That means knowing WHO will read your book and HOW you will connect with them. It also means putting on your creative SBM* thinking cap, and noticing all the opportunities for connection as they appear. Like anything, the more you practice, the better you will get at seeing opportunities everywhere.

Still resisting putting on that book marketing cap because it’s just not you? Chew on this for a minute, then. Think back to Beta vs. VHS and Apple vs. PC. The best product didn’t necessarily prevail – it was the one with the best marketing. If you really want to SELL books, you must enthusiastically embrace sales and become an SBM. You MUST get over any shyness/reluctance and learn to talk about your book to everyone who will listen.

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*Savvy Book Marketer


Visit Write | Market | Design to download your Marketing Skills Evaluation. This will help you determine how close you are to SBM status, and where you may need a little extra boost.


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