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You must know why YOU are writing this book – and be able to talk about it.

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OK – we’ve established that one of the most important aspects of becoming an SBM* is creating a platform. And last time, we talked about how vital it is to know your reader when building that platform. Here’s a related point, though: besides knowing WHO your reader is, you must know why YOU are writing this book. (*Savvy Book Marketer)

Walking into a bookstore can be the most dispiriting act in the world for an author. With nearly 200,000 books published every year, you’ve got to figure out how yours is different. How will your book stand out, especially from all the others in your genre, industry, or market? I firmly believe that if you have a story or message to share, it is your duty, obligation, and calling to share it. But in order to do so, you must have a passion for your story or message, and you must know what compels YOU to write it.

Knowing why you wrote it is not enough, though. You must also be able to easily talk about it and describe it to others. You must do your research to find out what else has been written on your subject, without letting it depress you. Instead, figure out how YOUR book is different. Here’s reason #1 that it’s different YOU wrote it. But how else is it different?

You must also believe that the people who need to hear your words will find you because, even if there are 1,000 other books on this subject, YOURS will be the one to touch them or change their lives. People often buy many books on a single subject (remember the “people who bought this also bought …” lists you see on Amazon?). You want yours to be THE book they recommend most.

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