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The best time to start marketing your book is WHILE you are writing it.

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Thanks for bearing with our unscheduled but important announcement in our last post (Book and Writing Contests WORK). We’re now ready to get back on track with the orderly organization of things. Good thing our readers are flexible and able to go with the flow!

You will, of course, recall that two posts ago we discussed the fact that a book is a business. And how does anyone build business? By marketing … the whole point of this blog, right?

Yet the super-duper GINORMOUS mistake that many authors make is waiting until their book is written and printed to begin marketing it. “Hellll-oooo? I’ve got this great book over here … anyone want to buy one?”


As you get ready to begin writing or even while you are already writing take some time to answer three IMPORTANT questions:

  1. Who is my reader?
  2. Where will I find them/where will they find me?
  3. Why must they buy my book?

The answers to these questions will help you begin to position yourself and your book so that you’ve got people clamoring to get their hands on it as soon as it comes off the press. Another term for this is “creating your platform,” which we’ll discuss in more detail in our next post.

If you’re brave and have a huge vision for carrying your message BEYOND your book, you can even build additional marketing into the text of the book itself things like suggesting that readers visit your Web site, buy other books, or attend seminars and workshops. The übermotivational Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is perhaps one of the best examples of such a book.

Just remember, wherever you are in the writing process, the time is perfect to begin marketing your book NOW.

See you Thursday!



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