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Decide that you WANT to sell books.

You can't sell books if you don't make it your goal.(Please click on image to enlarge.)

Before you begin to pursue any sort of marketing strategy, it’s important to determine your goals for your book. Not every author wants a best-seller. For some, it’s enough simply to see their title in print. Some want a book to share with friends and family. Others want books to use as calling cards to leverage for speaking opportunities or as a means of building their businesses.

What are YOUR goals for your book? If you want to learn some tips, tools, and strategies that will help you sell more books, keep your eye on this space! And if you’re still hesitant or unsure, keep reading … you may find some inspiration that nudges you in that direction.


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Monday, May 2 – Welcome to Our Blog – Marcie Brock, Book Marketing Maven

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